Hotel and restaurant industry

Traditional catering

In the catering industry, the reduction of the difficulties in recruiting requires the improvement of the working conditions and the development of the occupational risks prevention.

In France there are around 1 680 000 working days that are lost each year due to catering-related activities, accidents at work, commuting accidents and professional diseases. This represents the equivalent of 4 600 full-time jobs over the year!

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BGN app for young workers

The BGN-Azubi-App "In der Beruf starten – fit und gesund" is a smartphone app that specifically targets young workers in the hospitality industry. The app is designed to support young people in the phase of transition from school to work and therefore is primarily aimed at trainees in the first year of training.

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More than twenty years since the landing of 20,000 Albanians with the sugar bowl Vlora in the Port of Bari (August 1991), the very first mass immigration to Italy, our Country has now got more than four million foreign residents, many of whom engaged in work activities.

The Italian government recently ruled that all workers should be guaranteed both a 4-hour general safety training and a specific training relating to their own specific occupational risk (at least 4 additional hours for tourism personnel );every new employee must receive this training and every five years refresher courses must also provided (Agreement between the Italian Government and its Regions, December 2011).


The Demografic Situation of the German Hotel and Catering Sector: 2000 – 2010 (INDIGHO)

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An easy first aid manual for the Horeca sector

We greatly appreciated the work done by the physicians and the training experts of the French INRS with their valuable “ Sauvetage Secourisme du Travail Guide des données techniques et conduit à tenir”( Inrs Department Formation, 2014) to organize  a simple first aid manual  specifically designed for the  HORECA sector. Many foreign workers are now working in this sector in our Country and some of them are in charge of first aid at work.


Hotel, restaurant and catering trade - competent, safe and cost-efficient

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Mental Stress in the enterprise-New guideline for small enterprises

A risk assessment is a legal duty. It makes sense to add an evaluation of mental strains at the workplace and to provide a detailed insight into concrete strain situations.
BGN now offers guidelines for the evaluation of psychological hazards, especially for the hospitality sector, the bakery and the meat processing industry. 


A “picnic basket” to avoid stress

Employers as well as employees can find a lot of interactive offers on this website. It contains a mix of topics which are important to handle mental strain: Management of stress, leadership and cooperation, communication, how to manage time, how to act in a healthy way in familiy enterprises and last but not least emotional competence.


Working together safely

A Guide for Health and Safety at Work for Tourism.


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