Metal working

ISSA-Instruction Maintenance in Plants with High Safety Requirements

Maintenance belongs to the usual business in process plants. As indicated in various legal and technical standards, the instruction of workers for safety topics is crucial. In practice, it is very difficult to ensure safety. The accident rate of maintenance work is still a major focus point. 

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Workplace Health Promotion -WHP

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) is a complex strategy of programs addressed to the improvement of organizations and of the health and mental well-being of workers in order to achieve a balance between work and private life.

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Exposure to carcinogens on workplaces

IARC has identified more than 400 carcinogens or potential carcinogens.  

In Europe, CAREX (CArcinogen EXposure) provides documented statistics of workers exposed to carcinogens.

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Exposure to hand-arm vibration

The factsheet regards the exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV). Depending on their frequency, these mechanical stresses are transmitted from vibrating work tools (drills, hammers, grinders, etc.,) to hand and then, to other parts of the body.

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Manufacturing of aluminium-made profiles

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Fit and healthy in small enterprises

Welding fumes

The present richly illustrated brochure offers answers to the most frequently asked questions on a safe and economic removal of welding fumes at the workplace.

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