Wood processing

Successful move / relocation for a carpentry / joinery

A company of the carpentry and interior fittings sector uses it’s move as an opportunity to integrate practical preventive measures. These are designed to significantly reduce the risk of accident and the occurrence of occupational diseases. The workers and managers of the company agree on the achieved results : beyond the risk reduction, work is more pleasant for everybody now.

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Occupational exposure to wood dust

Wood dusts are suspensions of particles of hard wood.
The dispersion in the air, the ability to penetrate tissues, the irritant, toxic and carcinogenic properties of these particles, varies according to: a) wood type; b) emissions’ quantity; c) dusts’ size; d) exposure duration; e) processing type (cutting, drilling, planing, profiling, polishing, sanding, dusting, machinery cleaning).

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Awareness campaign "Risk behaviour forest"

In Switzerland, forestry is one of the branches with the highest accident numbers. The Suisse Accident Insurer, Suva, developed the campaign "Risk behaviour forestry" with the objective to reduce the numbers of accidents in forest enterprises, especially for felling activities.



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