Risk assessment






Analysis instruments

The promotion of occupational health and safety is a continuous process accompanying other important company processes such as productivity or personal management on an equal level. The control of such processes is based on analysis instruments. In the context of safety and health, such instruments aim at getting an idea of the situation in the company and finding out, how experts or the company staff estimate the working conditions. The general rule is: „Analysis prior to action!“. In small enterprises, these instruments should be simple and easily manageable.



Operational measures

Prior to carrying out operational measures for the promotion of safety and health, it is important to get an exact picture of the situation in the enterprise. For this purpose instruments of analysis are used. On the basis of the results, aimed measures are then carried out. It is important to plan the measures so that they cover the actual need. Only this will result in a sustainable effect. Experience showed that operational measures concerning management and communication are particularly successful.




The competence of all staff members in the field of safety and health is an important precondition for safe and health conscious behaviour in the enterprise. In this context, media are useful to spread information. Their effect is particularly sustainable, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • They are targeted at a defined group.
  • They follow a methodical didactic concept.
  • They promote self-learning competence.
  • They are understandable.
  • They are attractive.
  • They motivate.
  • They do not evoke resistance


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