Carry out asbestos remediation works safely

Dealing with asbestos is dangerous. Respirable asbestos fibers can be breathed and cause asbestosis or cancer. Therefore dealing with asbestos materials is forbidden in Germany. Excepted from this prohibition are remediation works if the required technical and organizational protective measures are observed.

What has to be considered when dealing with asbestos cement products or with lightly bound asbestos at construction sites. Who is qualified? How shall the working procedures be designed and the wastes be disposed in order to avoid that asbestos fibers are released. Many useful hints are summarized in the information brochures “C 311 – asbestos cement products” and “C 312 - lightly bound asbestos” of the Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft.

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Asbestzementprodukte - C311 (german version)

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Schwach gebundene Asbestprodukte - C312 (german version)

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