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Statutory accident insurance in Germany – standing for safety and health at the workplace for over 125 years.The BGN, Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe provides statutory accident insurance for enterprises of foodstuffs, the beverage industry, the hotel and restaurant industry, bakeries and pastries shops, the meat processing industry, breweries and malt houses as well as fairground workers and circus enterprises. The BGN offers insurance protection to 3.3 million people in over 400.000 enterprises for accidents at work and occupational diseases. Prevention is one of its essential tasks. ...

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BG RCI Back App

The BG RCI Back App informs users about ergonomic hazard and strain factors from every day professional life, which can have substantial effects on muscular and skeletal diseases and injuries. Additionally, it offers advice on individual safety measures and conveys contents and objectives of the current prevention campaign.

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Work-related musculoskeletal disorders

This booklet, addressed to employees and their Representatives for Workplace Safety, shows the preventive measures to be applied by workers whose activities are potentially hazardous for the spine or upper/lower limbs. 

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Fit and healthy in small enterprises

A healthy back

The present paper offers simple and quick assistance in the execution of hazard evaluation for strains on back and joints. In addition, it contains practice-oriented and economic possibilities to avoid back and joint aches.

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Keep your back healthy in order to work better

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A Rucksack to avoid back pain

This microsite was developed for employers and employees of small, medium and big enterprises to improve the knowledge about back pain, its prevention and the possibilities to influence the conditions at work. On the site you can find a collection of several tools for employees as well as for experts for occupational health and safety, f. i. information about back pain, media, films, online-tests, posters a. s. o. All examples are from the food stuff industries and the catering trade. 


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Fact kit for a healthy back

The fact kit "Rückengesundheit" - a healthy back - has been developed by the Concerted German OSH Strategy (GDA) within the framework of a work programme intending to prevent back problems and diseases of catering staff. Here, you will learn more about contents of and subjects treated in the fact kit.


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