Symposium "Gewalt, Übergriffe und Aggression im Transportwesen"

16.September 2015 - 18.September 2015 > Hamburg | Germany

Symposium "Gewalt, Übergriffe und Aggression im Transportwesen"

International   symposium   on   "Violence,   attacks   and  aggression  in
Transportation" from 16th to 18th of September 2015 in Hamburg, Germany Organised  by  the  International  Section  of  the  ISSA  on Prevention in Transportation

Particularly  in  transportation  and  logistics,  employees  are potential targets  of  physical or psychological violence. In this symposium, experts and  practitioners will come together to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practice  examples on how to prevent and how to deal with aggression. Let's create synergy and learn from each other!

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All  participants  are invited to the Welcome Reception with snacks, drinks and Finnish Tango on the evening of 16. September 2015.

Central questions of our symposium will be:

  • What are main causes and forms of violence and aggression?
  •  How  can  companies and organisations prevent violence and aggression successfully?
  •  What measures can and should be taken after incidents?

A  marketplace,  at  which  different aspects of the topic are presented in various  ways, accompanies the symposium. There, we also take a look at how experts  in  other  branches  deal  with  aggression  and  violence  at the workplace.

English-German translations will be available.

Contact details:
Email: secretariat@issa-transportation.org
Tel. +49 40 3980-2200



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