Symposium „Occupational accident insurance – an international comparison“

11.Dezember 2019 - 11.Dezember 2019 > Vienna | Austria

Symposium „Occupational accident  insurance – an international comparison“

The symposium „Occupational accident  insurance – an international comparison“ highlights the individual occupational accident insurance models both at European and  international level with special attention to  the organisational forms of self-government  and state administration. A key aspect of the meeting will be to look at the challenges facing occupational accident insurance systems in different parts of the  world and provide a platform to address these challenges as well as innovative approaches. In order to ensure a broad exchange of views, high-ranking experts from different parts of Europe, as well as from Asia and the USA  have been invited to share their perspectives, approaches and best practice experiences. The symposium is a one-day event hosted by the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA).