SafeYouth@Work Congress

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Why a SafeYouth@Work Congress?

Young workers today are the future leaders of our economies, and their safety and well-being will shape the world of tomorrow. However, they are also 40% more likely than older workers to suffer occupational injuries. Reasons for this include lack of skills, experience and training; inadequate supervision; limited knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) hazards and risks; and/or a lack of understanding of their rights.

We believe youth can be important change agents and enablers of sustainable development actions by bringing their voice to help build a global network of young champions for safety and health in the workplace.

To make this happen, ILO’s LABADMIN/OSH Branch, in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore is organising a SafeYouth@Work Congress as part of the 2017 World Congress on Safety and Health.

About the SafeYouth@Work Congress:

The SafeYouth@Work Congress seeks to highlight the critical need for awareness of safety and health issues for youth in the workplace, by bringing their voice to the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. Some 200 Youth Champions from around the world, aged 18-24, are being recruited and prepared to participate in the SafeYouth@Work Congress, engage broader World Congress participants, and to become agents of change for SafeYouth@Work in their home countries.

SafeYouth@Work Champion Programme at the World Congress:

By participating in the SafeYouth@Work Congress, Youth Champions will:

  • Act as representatives of young workers and employers worldwide—sharing their ideas and priorities with other youth delegates as well as the broader congress participants;
  • Design, create and showcase their own solutions, services products or initiatives for promoting safety and health in the workplace, while interacting with other participants and international OSH experts;
  • Work together with other Youth Champions on an Action Plan for Safer Working Conditions for Youth and be ready to present it before the World Congress and to a global audience.

Registration Procedure:

Anyone aged 18-24 who is passionate about making safe and healthy working places for young workers a reality, is invited to submit their candidacy to become a SafeYouth@Work Champion via the SafeYouth@Work Congress website.

For more information on the SafeYouth@Work Congress, please contact, and follow the ILO LABADMIN/OSH branch on Twitter @ILO_OSH with the hashtag #SafeYouthAtWork or on Instagram @labadminosh