Wineries and oil mills

Dieser Beitrag ist leider nur in der italienischen Originalversion verfügbar.

Hier finden sie eine englische Kurzfassung: 

This publication, divided into three booklets, reports the results of a project dedicated to the production of wine and olive oil, aimed to assess the following risk factors:

  • chemical agents
  • physical agents
  • biological agents.

For each considered risk, some preventive strategies are suggested. 


Booklet 1 - "Productive cycles and occupational risks in general" (italian version)

 Download (6,4 MB)
Booklet 2 - "Wineries" (italian version) Download (3,9 MB)
Booklet 3 - "Oil mills" (italian version)  Download (3,4 MB)

Barbara Manfredi, Elisabetta Badellino, Francesca R. Mignacca

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