10 Vital Rules

More safety at the workplace is the objective of the Safety Charta (www.sicherheits-charta.ch). It had been initiated by Suva in cooperation with employers’ associations, designers and trade unions. STOP in case of danger, remedy the danger, continue to work. The signers of the charta promote that safety regulations will be observed at the workplace. Work may not be life-threatening.With the prevention program “vision 250 lives” SUVA aims to prevent 250 fatal accidents at work within 10 years, as well as grave cases of disability.  Therefore the annual number of grave accidents has to be reduced more than half.In the center of “vision 250 lives” are the “vital rules”. These are elaborated for all branches and activities with high risks. There is no tolerance in observing these rules. If a vital rule is broken that means STOP, stop working and eliminate the dangerous situation.Further information under: http://www.suva.ch/startseite-suva/praevention-suva/arbeit-suva/lebenswichtige-regeln-suva.htm