A new tool to promote safety and health in the construction industry

In accordance with both the standing orders of ISSA and the 'ISSA Section on Prevention in the Construction Industry's' general philosophy of intervention, the committee decided to develop continuous programs of improving OSH all over the World.

Beside sending experts abroad, hosting foreign delegations or organizing symposia or congresses, it appeared absolutely essential to be able to provide elements of information dedicated to illiterate people.

This booklet, entitled "Prevention through Pictures", which does not contain any text, can be used when working with illiterate or migrant workers in both developed and developing countries.

For example, it has to be mentioned that several of these brochures have already been sent to countries such as India, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago and several countries in Africa. 

This Booklet has been conceived in close ties with the International Labour Office.



Pictures for Prevention

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