Arrive safely! - Road safety in the context of work and education

Safe mobility concerns almost everyone: as soon as we leave the house, we automatically participate in traffic. Accidents on the road endanger human lives like no other source in the world of work. In recent years, more than 9,000 workers have been injured each year in traffic accidents while travelling to and from work. The injuries are often severe. More than one third of all fatal occupational accidents in 2019 were traffic accidents.

With the prevention focus "Arrive safely!" 2022-2024, AUVA highlights on its numerous activities on the topic of road safety in the context of work and education. The aim is to raise awareness of the topic of road safety, provide the necessary knowledge for implementation and thereby reduce accidents.

During the prevention focus, AUVA supports Austrian companies with a wide range of activities and offers for more road safety, e.g. seminars and webinars, campaigns for companies and workshops with competent partners, leaflets, checklists, apps, and more.

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Traffic Safety

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