Back to Balance

Statutory accident insurance in Germany – standing for safety and health at the workplace for over 125 years.The BGN, Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe provides statutory accident insurance for enterprises of foodstuffs, the beverage industry, the hotel and restaurant industry, bakeries and pastries shops, the meat processing industry, breweries and malt houses as well as fairground workers and circus enterprises. The BGN offers insurance protection to 3.3 million people in over 400.000 enterprises for accidents at work and occupational diseases. Prevention is one of its essential tasks. If nevertheless something happens, the BGN provides for the optimal medical treatment, an appropriate compensation and a comprehensive rehabilitation.One of BGN‘s advisory focus is the promotion of back health for their insured persons. Single-sided stress caused by a hunched over posture, long standing or sitting, moving heavy loads, incorrect lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing – these are unavoidable risks for the back in workplaces. This infoclip was developed for the dasa exhibition “Back to Balance”, DASA, Germany’s largest world of work exhibition. In corporation with the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, the BGN presented this exhibition in Jena. The exhibition, which is all about a healthy back, took place between 14th of September and 10th of November 2013. The exhibition tells of the art of an upright posture, stubborn intervertebral discs and helpful instruments to keep the spinal column healthy.


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