Buy extraction units – but in the right way!

In order to remove dangerous substances from the working area extraction units are necessary in some cases. This can be a high investment for enterprises. The practice shows that newly installed systems often do not achieve the necessary degree of effect or are too largely dimensioned. Both are unacceptable from an economic viewpoint. Enterprises are often unaware what they have to consider when installing an extraction unit.

In the present information document “buy extraction units – but in the right way!” (BGI/GUV-I 7006-2) practitioners have listed the most important questions which enterprises should ask themselves before buying – questions such as “Must I really extract? What facts have to be cleared before giving the purchase order? How do I get the right system? What about maintenance, examination and efficiency?”



"Absauganlagen einkaufen - aber richtig!" (BGI/GUV-I 7006-2)

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