Car and truck workshops

The rate of occupational accidents and illnesses is high in the car and heavy truck workshops, especially in the Very Small Entreprises (SMEs). The prevention of occupational risks is a way to preserve the health of employees and the financial strength of the businesses. 

Repair and maintenance activities of light and heavy vehicles provide jobs for approximately 140 000 persons in France. The compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases supported by the Social Security on behalf of these companies represents more than 3 % of their payroll.

The main risks

  • Falls from height (inspection pits, access to truck cabins ...),
  • Awkward postures (kneel-down work, interventions under the car or handling heavy pieces),
  • Falls on the same level, slips, trips ... (congested and dirty floors ...),
  • Chemicals, some of which are dangerous.

Risk prevention approach:

  1. Assessing risks
    Each entrepreneur is responsible for the health and safety of his employees. He must evaluate the risks and record this evaluation in a document. For that, it is possible to use « OIRA Garages », the risk assessment online tool.

    This free software may be used to guide the risk assessment process. It also suggests preventive measures. To access OIRA, click on the link provided:

  2. Implementing preventive measures:

    The risk assessment leads to implementing preventive measures. In addition to those proposed in the OIRA tool, some post descriptions have been developed with professional organizations. They are available on the INRS website to be printed and displayed in the workshops. Each post description contains a statement of the risks and practical recommendations for an effective protection.

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