Fact Sheet No. 4: "Carry out updates safely - Indispensable even in small businesses!"

The toolmaker „Hammer and Chisel“ is a medium-sized enterprise with 20 employees at two production sites. In two-shift operation, they produce prototype and series tools, among other things. Its ma¬chinery includes various machines, mostly connected to the company‘s own network. The machines can even be monitored across locations via the internet. For each of the machines, there is a master agree¬ment with the respective machine manufacturer or supplier, which regulates, among other things, in which cases a software update of the integrated components must be carried out. It also specifies who is responsible for the new update, how exactly a software update may be installed on the machine and which final release tests ensure the safe use of the machine after the update is installed.



Carry out updates safely - Indispensable even in small businesses!

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