Clean Workplace Project to support SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises tend to have poor working conditions and therefore have relatively higher risks of occupational diseases than large enterprises. Against this backdrop, KOSHA provides consulting services towards these SMEs for workplace hazards and gives partial financial funds for necessary improvements through "Clean Workplace Project", in efforts to prevent accidents in workplaces. KOSHA is focusing its financial support toward SMEs with less than 50 employees as they account for over 80% of workplaces in the manufacturing industry.
When a workplace applies for ‘Clean Workplace Project’, KOSHA provides consulting services on risk assessments for businesses with less than 50 workers. Based on the results, the OSH facilities are upgraded with the financial support worth up to KRW 20 million.
From 2008 to the end of May 2012, KOSHA has supported 25,627 workplaces (about 9.3% of workplaces with less than 50 employees) with KRW 366 billion.
As a result of analyzed outcome and effect of the project, it shows that the project has contributed to preventing industrial accidents for workers and increasing of their productivity.

Target group:

  • Workplaces with less than 50 employees to ask fund support among workplaces which Ministry of Employment and Labor, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency and Private agencies provide enforcement/inspection/technecial service
  • workplace that has subscribe to industrial accident compensation insurance


As a result of the project, workplaces autonomously promote risk assessment and the working environments are improved.

Used tools and procedures:

Submit application form(Workplace) → Risk Assessment(KOSHA) → Apply for fund support(Workplace) → Support Decision(KOSHA) → Complete facility improvement (Workplace) → Pay improvement expenses, and confer written approval and approval plaque(KOSHA) → Follow-up technical guidance(KOSHA)


In workplaces to participate in the Clean Workplacw Project since 2001, the number of injuries and illnessws was decreased 35.4% and the number of fatalities was 76.6%. And employment of the workplaces increased 2.11 persons per workplace.

Further Information:

KOSHA website (English version) ;


You can find many improvement examples through the project on Website as follows;

KOSHA Annual Report 2011 ; OSH Support for SMEs


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소규모 사업장 산업안전보건 지원을 위한 클린사업장 조성 사업

작업환경이 열악하여 산업재해 발생위험이 대규모 사업장에 비해 상대적으로 높은 중소규모 사업장에 대하여 안전보건 컨설팅을 실시하여 도출된 유해/위험 요인에 대하여 개선비용의 일부를 지원함으로써 안전하고 쾌적한 『클린 사업장』을 조성하여 산업재해 예방에 기여하고 있다. 특히, 50인 미만 제조업 사업장은 제조업 전체 재해의 80%를 넘게 점유하고 있어 이들 사업장에 대하여 시설개선 보조금을 집중 지원하고 있다. 클린사업장 조성 사업은 작업환경이 열악한 50인 미만 사업장에 대하여 위험성평가 컨설팅을 지원하고, 컨설팅 결과에 따라 안전보건 시설개선을 통하여 작업환경을 안전하고 쾌적한 클린사업장으로 조성하고 있으며, 안전보건 시설개선에 소요되는 비용의 일부를 사업장당 최대 2,000만원까지 무상으로 지원하고 있다. 공단은 2008년부터 2012년 5월말까지 총 3,657억원의 재정을 투입하여 50인미만 제조업 사업장의 약 9.3%인 25,627개 사업장을 지원하였다. 그간 클린사업의 성과 및 효과를 분석한 결과, 근로자 보호는 물론 기업경쟁력 강화에도 일정 부분 기여하고 있는 것으로 나타났다.