Dangerous chemical agents: instructions for workers

This informative product illustrates the hazards related to the usage of dangerous chemicals, in the light of the latest European and Italian regulations. The product may be used for information and training of workers about chemicals, especially with regard to the classification and labeling of dangerous substances and mixtures according to the (EC) Regulation n°1272/2008 (CLP). For that purpose, the product also contains information about:

  • standard structure of a label;
  • meaning of danger pictograms.

The product is made up of two booklets:
1)    Agenti chimici pericolosi: istruzioni ad uso dei lavoratori/Dangerous chemical agents: instructions for workers
2)    Sostanze chimiche pericolose: istruzioni per l’uso/Dangerous substances: instructions for use.
Whereas the former has a mainly legislative character and is suitable both for employees and employers, the latter contains some “sheets” that summarize the procedures to be applied by employees in order to handle dangerous chemicals safely.



AGENTI CHIMICI PERICOLOSI: Istruzioni ad uso dei lavoratori (italian version)

Download  (5,94 MB)

SOSTANZE PERICOLOSE: Istruzioni per l'uso (italian version)Download  (1,92 MB)


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