Guide for Risk Assessment in Small and Medium Enterprises

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) provides protection for people world wide through sustainable social security systems. In this context prevention is of great importance. The contribution of knowledge and the commitment of 13 International Sections enable the ISSA to promote occupational safety and health throughout the world.

The International ISSA Sections “Machine and System Safety”, “Electricity” and “Metal” are the authors of the here presented series of guidelines on various issues dealing with occupational safety and health.

Today, the 10 different Guidelines are available in many languages. They cover a wide range of topics from technical occupational safety to mental stress, from hazardous substances to risk assessment.

The Guidelines are tailored to the special conditions in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and may be of considerable assistance to the practical work in enterprises. Good practice examples, checklists and graphs are designed to help companies meet their statutory requirements and create a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. 



1. Noise

Download (355 KB)

2. Risks arising from Machinery and other Work Equipment

Download (255 KB)
3. Chemical HazardDownload (1,16 MB)
4. Slipping and Falling from a HeightDownload (845 KB)
5. Mental WorkloadDownload (500 KB)
6. Manual Handling of LoadsDownload (586 KB)
7. Hazards arising from ExplosionsDownload (2,95 MB)
8. Hazards arising from whole-body and hand-arm vibrationsDownload (706 KB)
9. Hazards arising from ElectricityDownload (285 KB)
10. Risk Assessment - General GuideDownload (849 KB)

Also available in other languages: 



1. Buka (croatian version)

Download (507 KB)

1. Hluk (czech version) Download (360 KB)
1. 소음 (korean version) Download (879 KB)

2. Opasnosti pri radu sa strojevima i drugom radnom opremom (croatian version)

Download (1,66 MB)
2. Rizika při práci na strojích a jiném výrobním zařízení (czech version)Download (1,00 MB)
2. 기계 및 기타 작업장비에서
발생하는 위험요인 (korean version)
Download (2,04 MB)
2. Makine ve Diğer İş Ekipmanlarının
Yol Açtığı Tehlikeler (turkish version)
Download (1,20 MB)
3. Kemijske opasnosti (croatian version)Download (2,65 MB)
3. Chemická rizika (czech version)Download (1,15 MB)
3. 유해화학물질 (korean version) Download (1,78 MB)
3. Chemické riziká (slovakian version) Download (1,11 MB)
4. Подхлъзване и падане от височина (bulgarian version) Download (861 KB)
4. Opasnosti od padova (croatian version) Download (2,42 MB)
4. Uklouznutí a pády z výšky (czech version) Download (637 KB)
4. 넘어짐과 떨어짐 (전도와 추락) (korean version)Download (4,4 MB)
5. НЕРВНО-ПСИХИЧНО НАТОВАРВАНЕ (bulgarian version)Download (519 KB)
5. Psihičko opterećenje poslom (croatian version)Download (562 KB)
5. Psychická zátěž (czech version) Download (281 KB)
5. 정신적 업무부담 (korean version) Download (1,03 MB)
5. Obciążenie Psychiczne (polish version) Download (470 KB)
5. Psychická záťaž (slovakian version)Download (476 KB)
6. Ručnom rukovanje teretom (croatian version) Download (4,81 MB)
6. Fyzická zátěž Ruční manipulace s břemeny:
zvedání, držení, nesení, tahání a tlačení břemene (czech version)
Download (1,66 MB)
6. 중량물의 인력운반 및 취급
올리기, 듣기, 옮기기, 당기기, 밀기 (korean version)
Download (4,08 MB)
7. Opasnosti od eksplozija (croatian version) Download (1,55 MB)
7. NEBEZPEČÍ SPOJENÁ S VÝBUCHY (czech version)Download (576 KB)
7. Κίνδυνοι που προέχονται από Εκρήξεις (greek version) Download (800 KB)
7. 폭발 위험 (korean version) Download (2,60 MB)
8. Opasnosti od vibracija Koje se prenose na cijelo tijelo i na šake - ruke (croatian version)Download (4,02 MB)
8. Rizika expozice vibracím přenášených na ruce a tělo (czech version) Download (603 KB)
8. 전신 및 손-팔에 가해지는
진동으로 인한 위험 (korean version)
Download (1,61 MB)
9. Opasnosti od električne energije (croatian version) Download (765 KB)
9. Nebezpečí úrazu elektrickým proudem (czech version) Download (1,18 MB)
9. 전기로 인한 위험 (korean version)Download (1,50 MB)
10. Procjena rizika - opći vodič (croatian version)Download (517 KB)
10. Hodnocení rizik (czech version)Download (1,38 MB)
10. 위험성 평가 - 일반 가이드 (korean version)Download (1,44 MB)
10. Tehlike değerlendirmesi – genel kılavuz (turkish version)Download (566 KB)