André Große-Jäger

"Bei allem was in Unternehmen und Organisationen möglich ist, ist die Gesundheit und Sicherheit der Menschen die natürliche Grenze dessen was machbar ist. Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit sind entsprechend die Lebensadern einer jeden Organisation, die als selbstverständlicher Indikator für die unternehmerische Entwicklung in die betrieblichen Prozesse integriert und laufend fortentwickelt werden. Durch eine ganzheitliche Gefährdungsbeurteilung wird entsprechend nicht nur für die Sicherheit und Gesundheit der Mitarbeitenden Sorge getragen, sondern es ist auch eine Investition in die Leistungsfähigkeit und Sicherung des unternehmerischen Erfolgs."

André Große-Jäger, Referatsleiter, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales


"Sono arrivato all’Hotel Danieli nel 2000 come Facchino du Notte. Ho avuto la fortuna di fare sia il Room Service che il manutentore. Sono stato calpito dal fatto che l’azienda mette in primo piano la siccurezza dei luoghi e dei lavoratori.
La cosa piu importante per me è che ho imparato capire che la siccurezza è in anzitutto individuale e dopo collettiva. Questa presa di coszienza mi ha convinto a approfondir le mie conoscenze della materia. Oggi sono volontario del primo soccorso alla Misericordia di Venezia. La mia idea resta che: “Nessuno deve morire nel luogo di lavoro”."

Mbaye.N.Thiam, SUNUGAL, Front Desk Agent Hotel Danieli, Venezia

Johannes Siegrist

“Economic globalization, with its positive and negative effects on working people’s health and wellbeing, calls for more intense transnational collaboration in efforts to promote healthy and safe work. The Safety & Health Website can make a significant contribution towards extending safe and secure work for all.”

Johannes Siegrist, Senior Professor for Work Stress Research, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Maureen Shaw

"Congratulations on the creation of this very useful international pool of knowledge, tested practice and useable information for Small and Medium business. Linking to this database will be of immense assistance to owners, operators, supervisors and employees. I am very pleased to support this valuable effort and to reference it to all. Well done indeed."

Maureen Shaw, President and CEO Industrial Accident Prevention Association(Retired) and former Canadian Vice-President ISSA Machine-Systems Section

Ben Hume

"The “Safety & Work” website is a great tool for SME’s. It’s simple to navigate and the tools are not full of jargon that many small companies would not understand. All of this means SME’s are more likely to actually use it as a resource and that is what counts. Congratulations to all of the site creators for a job well done."

Ben Hume - Chair BC Safety Charter Steering Committee and President and CEO Sheppards Building Materials Inc., Canada

Mike Robinson

"We see the Safety & Work website as a valuable asset, one which will assist small and medium sized businesses to manage the health and safety of their workforce by drawing on examples of best practice and shared resources from a number of countries. The British Safety Council is delighted to play its part and to support this excellent enterprise."

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive, British Safety Council

Lynn Brownell

“Given the continuous pace of change in workplaces throughout the world, the ‘Safety & Work’ website provides a tremendous opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to access limitless resources from various global partners. We, at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services are proud to share both our resources and our expertise with this group.”

Lynn Brownell, President & CEO – Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Stéphane Pimbert

“For OSH specialists, SMEs are difficult to reach. These companies require support in their approach and must address prevention within the framework of their professional practice. To this end, INRS offers a series of simple, customised tools enabling SMEs to implement an occupational risk prevention strategy in their company on their own.  The “Safety & Work” website contributes to sharing tools developed in different countries and disseminating them to the greatest possible number of SMEs.”

Stéphane Pimbert, Director general, INRS

Klaus Marsch

"Die Safety & Work-Website bietet genau das, was kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen benötigen: Eine schnelle, umfassende und vor allem praxistaugliche Informationsplattform rund um das Thema Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheit. Die Vermeidung von Unfällen und die Erhaltung der Gesundheit gehören zu den Kernaufgaben der BGN. Safety & Work ist ein wichtiges Medium, mit dem wir unsere Zielgruppe direkt erreichen."

Klaus Marsch, Hauptgeschäftsführer der
Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe

Luigi Puntar

« La cultura è la base per ogni crescita professionale; sin da quando  ho assunto l’incarico di Presidente dell'ente bilaterale del turismo di Venezia  mi sono impegnato a diffondere un po' alla volta sempre più i corsi: l’ informatica, l'inglese, la cucina,la  capacità di comunicazione, per arrivare di recente agli aspetti della psicologia, d’ importanza fondamentale Mi sono sempre posto l'obiettivo di far innamorare di questa magnifica parola che è la cultura  i lavoratori del turismo e le persone che, a vario titolo, lavorano con il nostro ente»

Luigi Puntar, Presidente EBT area veneziana

Georges Lischetti

«Dans notre environnement hyper connecté, l’accès à l’information est complexe. Le thème de la Santé et de la Sécurité au Travail est abordé par une multitude de sites. Comment accéder à des informations validées qui font référence en termes de S&ST ? Dans chaque pays, des organismes (tels l’INRS et les Carsat en France) proposent un accès à une information de qualité. Les enjeux des risques professionnels ne sauraient toutefois se limiter aux frontières d’un pays, aux barrières d’une langue. C’est en cela que l’offre Internet « » est inhabituelle en donnant accès à des outils et démarches conçus et mis en œuvre dans d’autres pays, avec des approches souvent différentes. Vous y trouverez des façons originales de dynamiser vos actions de prévention.»

Georges Lischetti, ingénieur conseil régional, Carsat Alsace-Moselle

Dr. Walter Eichendorf

"Unfälle im Straßenverkehr stellen für die meisten Betriebe und öffentlichen Einrichtungen das größte Risiko dar. Deshalb ist aktive Verkehrssicherheitsarbeit so wichtig!"

Dr. Walter Eichendorf, Präsident des DVR

Example of the month

Fact Sheet on Explosion Protection: Storage of wood pellets

Wood pellets are usually made from wood waste such as shavings from planing and sawing, and also from bark.The comminuted wood flour is compressed under high pressure.

When storing pellets, two largely underrated hazards arise:

a) Formation of a hazardous explosive atmosphere
b) Formation of significant quantities of carbon monoxide (CO) that pose a threat to life


Health and Safety


Successful and productive companies around the world look after the safety and health of their workers and follow certain principles of good practice for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. Regardless of the type of work or the culture of a country these principles of good practice are universal “Keys to Success”.


Health and Safety: the “Keys to Success”


And how is the situation in your company? Would you like to take a close look at your own small enterprise? You can do a self-check here and find out how fit your enterprise is. What are your strengths, where do you have potential for improvement? 

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The Website is maintained by non-commercial organisations from different countries, promoting occupational safety and health in small and medium-sized enterprises. It is based on the “10 keys to success” for a small enterprise in the area of prevention. more

Vision Zero and Safety & Work

We pursue the same target:
to eliminate accidents and occupational diseases as far as possible

7 Golden Rules for Small Businesses

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International GfS-Symposium „Safety and Sustainability - Challenges, Assessment and Strategies

The symposium will address the challenges in the context of security and sustainability on the one...

23 May 2023 - 24 May 2023 > Vienna | Austria

Forum Prevention 2023

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23 May 2023 - 25 May 2023 > Vienna | Austria

14th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2023) and the Affiliated Conferences

The conference objective is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of...

20 July 2023 - 24 July 2023 > San Francisco | USA, and hybrid

14th International Conference on Digital Human Modelling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management within the HCI International 2023

Software representations of humans, including aspects of anthropometry, biometrics, motion capture...

23 July 2023 - 28 July 2023 > Kopenhagen | Danmark, and hybrid

23. World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

This international conference is your opportunity to gather and connect with global leaders in...

27 November 2023 - 30 November 2023 > Sydney | Australia

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