Keep your back healthy in order to work better

How to keep your back healthy in order to work better (various Authors)
This material shows some significant aspects of the prevention of back pain, the most common symptom of malaise among European workers, both male and females
(see 5th European Working Conditions Survey Eurofound 2012, Fifth European Working Conditions Survey, Publications Office of the European Union,
It presents some operational guidelines to ensure good ergonomic conditions with regards to the manual handling of loads, a correct sitting position and the safe handling of objects from the work-tables.
It also uses the technique of edutainment (learning while having fun), developed in the 80 's of the last century by Marshal Mc Luhan.
This material is translated from German and incorporates some of the most significant documents on these topics that have been developed by BGN.
It is meant to be used in the framework of training programs for workers of the small companies of the tourism sector, in accordance with the indications of the Unique Text
on health and safety at work, Legislative Decree 81/2008.



Keep your back healthy in order to work better (italian version)

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