With their campaign the “Unfallkassen” (German Social Accident Insurance Institutions) and the “Berufsgenossenschaften” (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for trade and industry)

-organized in the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) - direct the attention to the significance which safety and health have in an enterprise or in a public institution. In fact, this value can be shown: If accidents happen rarely and the employees are not often absence due to illness, this has a reason: a management which cares that its employees are not exposed to physical and psychical dangers.

How such a “culture of prevention” may succeed shows the campaign “kommmitmensch” – Safe. Healthy. Together.

(*) “kommmitmensch” is a long-term campaign to establish a culture of prevention. The German name of the campaign is a play on words: it can be translated loosely as “hey, come with us”, whilst also playing on the English word “commitment”.

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Gregor Doepke, Sandra Schilling
Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V. (DGUV)
Glinkastraße 40
10117 Berlin
Phone: (+49)030 288763-768

Phone: (+49)02241 231-1364
E-Mail: gregor.doepke@dguv.de, sandra.schilling@dguv.de


Homepage: https://www.kommmitmensch.de

Explanation video „kommmitmensch“

The 5-Level Model