Ventilation against Corona: BGN guidelines

With the recent Corona outbreaks, the transmission of the viruses through the air in the form of aerosols has become a particular focus of discussion.

It can be assumed that, in addition to the consistent adherence to the known measures such as keeping distance and wearing a mouth and nose covering, the risk of transmission is significantly minimised by adequate ventilation.

To support their companies, BGN has published two guidelines with tips for the correct ventilation of the working rooms.

One aid is specially tailored to the requirements of the hospitality industry. There, it is possible to work with a lot of fresh air from outside.

The other fact sheet addresses companies in the food industry. Most of the work areas have  already special ventilation requirements even without the pandemic, but now others have been added. The main aim of these is to quickly replace air that may be contaminated with viruses with fresh air from outside. Recirculating air should initially be avoided as far as possible in order not to spread viruses in the work areas. Currently, the common procedures for sterilising the circulating air (HEPA filtration, UVC disinfection, etc.) are being examined for their usefulness in this special situation.

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Ventilation measures in the food industry (german version)

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Ventilation measures in rooms of the hotel and restaurant industry (german version)

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Ventilation of work areas to protect against infection (german version)

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