Manufacturing of aluminium-made profiles

This informative booklet deals with those risks that could potentially occur during the fabrication of aluminium-made profiles (frames and shutters). It aims to improve safety and health of workers, especially the ones operating in small and medium enterprises.

The booklet, addressed both to employees and employers, takes into account the whole production cycle: manufacturing, storage, transportation and fixing of the goods.For each working phase, the main risks and the related preventive/protective measures are described. Such measures include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and appropriate working procedures.Several risk factors have been analysed, for instance:

  • noise;
  • layout of workplaces;
  • microclimate;
  • machines and equipment (including lifting trucks); 
  • fire; 
  • electricity; 
  • manual handling of loads. 

Moreover, the brochure contains advice about:

  • first aid;
  • medical surveillance;
  • legislation concerning occupational health and safety.



italian version: La lavorazione dei profilati in alluminio

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