Poster: First aid measures

In 2018, there were approximately 100.000 accidents at work in Austria. The right emergency procedure decide on the prospective health condition of the person. First aiders are the first and most important link in the rescue chain.

First aid is a field of knowledge in which measures, actions, rules of procedure or legal regulations may change from time to time. It is therefore necessary to refresh the knowledge regularly in order to stay up to date.

AUVAsicher has developed a poster to promote "first aid" in companies. The poster deals with different topics, such as stable lateral position, respiratory and circulatory arrest or shock control. With the illustrations and short and clear instructions, the first-aider should be made aware of the correct procedure. The poster can also be used as a guideline in the case of emergency.

AUVAsicher, a free consulting service of the Austrian Workers´ Compensation Board (AUVA), aims to improve safety and health in small and medium sized enterprises. The legal basis for the counsulting service is the Labour Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG). Throughout Austria AUVAsicher employs around 270 preventive specialists. Preventive specialists are safety technicians and occupational physicians. Companies have to fulfill certain requirements in order to claim for the free counseling. They are not allowed to employ more than 50 employees. If the company operates branches at several locations, the number of employees may not exceed 250.

In the course of the consultation, the AUVAsicher counsellors help the companies to identify safety deficiencies, hazards and health hazards and suggest possible improvements. They support the employer in workplace evaluation as well as in fulfilling legal obligations and investing in employee protection.

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Poster: First aid measures

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