Project "Mental Health in the World of Work" (Taking the Stress out of Stress)

The project "Mental Health in the World of Work" (psyGA - Psychische Gesundheit in der Arbeitswelt) is promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds (BKK Bundesverband) is responsible for the project management. The project aims to reduce mental stress and to promote mental health in the workplace. The target group are entrepreneurs, managers, employees in the Human Resources and Health Promotion  departments, company medical officers and members of the work council. In order to increase the awareness about the importance of mental health and the exchange of know-how and experiences in this field, the project combines a topic-oriented knowledge base with good practice and tools for practitioners to promote mental health at the workplaces: self-assessment tools, guidelines for managers and employees, an audiobook and an e-learning tool. The internet portal informs about the project and the results for example of the developed  tools and media. The dissemination in different workplace settings is implemented by 16 co-operation partners.

The two brochures „Taking the Stress out of Stress“ for workers and managers can be found here:

Taking the Stress out of the Stress  - A Guide for Workers

Taking the Stress out of the Stress - A Guide for Managers