Safety guide for roofing

A partnership between the professional Organization for Prevention in the Construction Industry and Public Works (OPPBTP), the Regional Health Insurance Fund for Parisian region (CRAMIF), unions representing artisans and SMEs of the roofing sector (CAPEB) and the union for HVAC engineering enterprises and plumbing coverage (GCCP) helped to prepare documents that provide an overview of prevention tools, best practices and decision support for enterprises of the roofing sector.
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DTE 209 – Safety guide for roofing
DTE 209 -58 pages - 21 x 29,7 – 1st edition 2008.


This document proposes practical solutions to the construction actors in order to eliminate Occupational risks related to roofing activity: fall from heights inside and outside of the construction, MSD, burn. This book is the result of the partnership between the OPPBTP, CRAMIF, CAPEB and GCCP.

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DTE 216 – Safety guide for roofing. Urgent repair roof "The chore"
DTE 216 - 32 pages - 21 x 29,7 – 1st edition 2009.
The aim of this work is to define the measures to be implemented in order to ensure the safety of roofers during emergency urgent repairs on roofs called « chores ».
Commissioned by roofing enterprises companies, this book completes the documents “Decision support DTE 207” and “Safety Guide for roofing DTE 209” dealing with the implementation of collective protection. It was jointly developed by CAPEB, CRAMIF, GCCP and OPPBTP.

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DTE 207 - Roofing: decision support for the implementation of the protection against falls from heights in the roofing sector
DTE 207 - 5 pages - 21 x 29,7 – 1st edition 2008.

This document proposes a section for determining a priori and depending on the type of construction and its environment, the most appropriate collective protection against the risk of falling.
This section has received the agreement of trade unions and organizations responsible for implementing regulation and prevention.
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DTE 159 – Handling in the roofing branch - plumbing – HVAC engineering – Practical Guide for prevention
DTE 159 - 43 pages - 21 x 29,7 – 1st edition 2003.

This guide aims to inform and help Managers of enterprises and their employees to reduce the number of occupational accidents due to handling. This document is the result of a partnership between professionals of roofing, plumbing, HVAC and the CRAMIF.
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