Safety planning on a construction site

This publication provides a guidance to the application of the current regulations concerning occupational safety and health on construction sites (Chapter IV of the Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended) and suggests a method for drawing up the safety plans, based on a careful assessment of all risks. Moreover, you can find some patterns, provided with practical examples, for the elaboration of:

  • Safety and Coordination Plan (SCP);
  • Safety Operational Plan (SOP).

Finally, an Excel software, downloadable free of charge, is a useful aid to identify and assess the different risks potentially available on a construction site.

Publication "La progettazione della sicurezza nel cantiere" (italian version)Download (49,5 MB)
Errata corrige (italian version)Download (0,1 MB)
Software "Algoritmo cantieri" (.xls, italian version))Download (0,3 MB)


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