Safety Wrench - the safety key for locknuts in the food industry - awarded with the „BGN Prevention Prize 2018“

The Lübzer Brewery has been dealing with an occupational safety problem well known in the food industry: When working with jointed hook wrenches, such a wrench can slip off or tilt under the application of force and cause serious injuries.

The brewery found a competent partner in the company Messmann which was able to develop and produce a secure key that neither slips nor jams: a jaw-shaped special tool with several lugs that snap into the grooves.For example, in the case of a 100 mm locknut, four of six grooves are used to transmit the torque.

The attached key holds on to the slotted nut by itself, without anyone having to hold it. In addition, a stop prevents the key from slipping over the groove during insertion.

As the handle is bent (cranked) towards the key head, there is enough space to work even on tightly fitted nuts.

The clip-on handle extension allows large torques to be transmitted and jerky movements to be avoided.

For this special wrench, the Lübzer Brewery 2018 won the BGN prevention award.

Watch the video here