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Machine sheet: angle grinder

In Austria, the employee protection law provides the occupational health and safety care for all employees regardless of the size of the company. For workplaces with up to 50 employees, the Austrian Workers´ Compensation Board (AUVA) offers the preventive service called "AUVAsicher" free of charge. In 2017, more than 280 preventative specialists (occupational physicians and safety specialists) travelled throughout Austria to work with companies to develop measures to improve safety and health.



The building of single-family houses and small masonry works are activities which have many risks. This is confirmed by the fact that the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases is very high in this sector. However, prevention measures enable to maintain the health of the employees and the enterprises.


Vademecum for the concrete batching plant operator - Correct behaviors

This vademecum is specifically addressed to concrete batching plant operators. It shows the behaviors to be kept, in order to avoid risks during the following activities.


Vademecum for the concrete truck driver - Correct behaviors

This vademecum is specifically addressed to drivers of concrete trucks. It shows the behaviors to be kept, in order to avoid risks during the following activities: 

  • inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle;
  • driving on the road;
  • upload, download and delivery of concrete.

A new tool to promote safety and health in the construction industry

In accordance with, on one side, the standing orders of ISSA, and on the other one, the general philosophy of intervention of the ISSA Section on Prevention in the Construction Industry, its commitee had decided to developp continuous programs of improving OSH all over the World.


Prevention Through Pictures

The brochure is based on twelve chapters with a total of forty-three scenarios on risk situations.

43 videos in English, French and Dutch, based on the scenarios of the brochure «prevention through pictures» are available on the Youtube channel of Constructiv.


Technical Notebooks

This collection, “Technical Notebooks” is made of 8 booklets that describe the features of some particular equipment, usually available in temporary or mobile construction sites.


Specifications for the design of towers, ladders and shoring towers Prevention of occupational risks CRAMIF Technical Memorandum N° 24

This brochure, updated in November 2007, was carried out with and to the attention of tower constructors. It concerns the towers under 6 meters meeting the requirements of safe assembly/disassembly. 



ISSA-Instruction Maintenance in Plants with High Safety Requirements

Maintenance is part of the usual business in process plants. As indicated in various legal and technical standards, the instruction of workers for safety topics is crucial. In practice, it is very difficult to ensure safety. The accident rate of maintenance work is still a major focus point. 


Vademecum for an ethical construction site

This vademecum is addressed to those persons in charge of safety in the building sector: Employers, Health and Safety Managers and Workers’ Representatives for Safety. 


Occupational safety in road construction sites

This Handbook represents a guide tothe main risks – general and specific ones – which are typical for road works. The described risks concern both personnel working on road construction sites and external workers and experts.


Chemical risk in the building sector. If you know it…you avoid it

This booklet deals with exposure to chemical agents (cement, solvents, adhesives, mineral oils, bituminous products and so on) in the building sector and the related, often underestimated, risks for health and safety of workers. 


Safety guide for roofing

A partnership between the professional Organization for Prevention in the Construction Industry and Public Works (OPPBTP), the Regional Health Insurance Fund for Parisian region (CRAMIF), unions representing artisans and SMEs of the roofing sector (CAPEB) and the union for HVAC engineering enterprises and plumbing coverage (GCCP) helped to prepare documents that provide an overview of prevention tools, best practices and decision support for enterprises of the roofing sector.

Events on this topic were held


Leaflet "My job: bricklayer"

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Safety and Health in the construction industry: a common basis

The CRAM has installed in cooperation with the professional associations of the Construction Industry and Public Works in the region Alsace-Moselle a common basis for measures for health and safety at construction sites. It proposes tools to better handle risks resulting from falls from the height, transporting material and lack of coordination and hygiene.