Meat industry

The self-check “safety and health in the enterprise”

The Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gaststätten (BGN) offers free of charge a self-check „safety and health in the enterprise“ as a web-app which can be used with each modern smartphone with up-dated browser.

With the self-check every entrepreneur of the BGN-branches can find out which significance the topics safety and health at work do have in their enterprise and if these topics have already been integrated in the daily work. This check is not time-consuming: about 30 minutes of process time and for evaluation.


Sector Meat Industry

Supplementation of risk assessment in terms of the SARS-CoV2 occupational safety standard

To support its member companies in coping with the Corona pandemic, the BGN (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the foodstuffs and catering industry) has developed guidelines for various sectors.


Guideline „Meat processing enterprises – competent, safe and cost-efficient”

The guideline for a good work design provides information, help and tips for entrepreneurs, master butchers and other management personnel. The guideline is addressed above all to small and medium-sized meat processing enterprises but is also useful for management personnel in larger enterprises of the meat industry. It is structured according to subjects which meat industry has to deal with each day. It describes good practice in the meat industry.  The guideline has been developed by BGN (statutory accident insurance institution for the food and catering industry), DFV (German butcher association), AUVA, Austria as well as the ISSA-Section Machine and System Safety. Target was to set a common standard for good work design as well as occupational safety and health in meat processing industries.