Fire safety for operators of existing plants for dismantling End-of-Life Vehicles

According to the Ministerial Decree n° 151/2011, the fire risk related to dismantling of End-of Life-Vehicles (ELV) is classified as average or high.

This booklet is just about fire – as well as explosion – risk in the existing plants for ELV dismantling.


Car and truck workshops

The rate of occupational accidents and illnesses is high in the car and heavy truck workshops, especially in the Very Small Entreprises (SMEs). The prevention of occupational risks is a way to preserve the health of employees and the financial strength of the businesses.

Repair and maintenance activities of light and heavy vehicles provide jobs for approximately 140 000 persons in France. The compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases supported by the Social Security on behalf of these companies represents more than 3% of their payroll.


Training for work on vehicles with high voltage systems

The growing use of voltages above 30 V AC and 60 V DC in automotive technology owing to fuel cells, hybrid technology and electric vehicles gives rise to an electrical hazard in the form of electric shock and arcing during work on vehicles. This in turn results in a responsibility for the employer to train his employees further such that they are able to assess pending electrical work, identify possible hazards, and define suitable protective measures.


Safety for operators of plants for treatment and storage of Municipal Waste

This booklet is dedicated to the operators of  plants for:

  • treatment of Municipal Waste;
  • final storage of waste (landfills).