Fact Sheet No. 3: Shut the Door - against Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

The small historical restaurant named „Zum Lamm” with 20 employees is located at the centre of Bonn. It has been a popular destination for decades as this is the third generation of owners in the family. However, over the last 10 days, the restaurant remains closed, as its online booking system, computers and POs devices have become inaccessible. A few days earlier the owner had received a convincing email with an invoice attached supposedly from their trusted wine supplier. However, it turned out, it was a cyber criminal impersonating the wine supplier and the attachment was a computer virus, which had started deleting files and disabling computer systems, followed by a notification that the disruption will be permanent unless the owner pays up a ransom of €30,000.

In this fact sheet you will find basic cyber hygiene measures for protecting your company against social engineering.



Shut the Door - against Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

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