Systematic occupational safety and health by the help of GDA-ORGAcheck

GDA-ORGAcheck allows small and medium-sized enterprises to check and improve their occupational safety and health organization.


Technical Notebooks

This collection, “Technical Notebooks” is made of 8 booklets that describe the features of some particular equipment, usually available in temporary or mobile construction sites.


A safe sawmill

This informative brochure addresses to workers employed in sawmills (early woodworking facilities). It describes how to perform the activity in a safe way.


Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP) in construction sites

This booklet promotes an effective and safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) in temporary or mobile construction sites, describing the following topics:

  • legislative regulations in force;
  • existing kinds of MEWP;
  • criteria for their selection and safe use;
  • aspects to be considered when assessing risks for MEWP operators (i.e. accidents, electrocution due to contact with power lines);
  • management of emergencies;
  • operating procedures.

Prevention…belongs to this world

This booklet, which includes both written text and a visualization of the message in comic form, aims to focus the reader’s attention on dangerous situations and behaviours that may cause serious injuries and on the importance of prevention. The comic form makes it particularly suited for the instruction of young people, both students and workers. The strips refer to two working sectors which are particularly risky: construction and agriculture.


Quiz – Campaign „Keep up!“ - Safety on ladders and treads

Falling from heights (whether it is from a ladder or from stairs) often results in severe accidents. This does not only involve serious injuries, but there is a range from temporary to permanent disability, possibly with a longer absence from work, or even casualties. One main focus hence should be the conduct and manner of working of the staff members.


“Back school – neck school” at work

Back pain and neck pain have several causes, among which an inappropriate use of the vertebral column and wrong postures. This booklet shows correct postures and movements, useful for preventing pain, applicable in all working sectors. Moreover, some exercises, to be made on workplace and/or at home, are available.



This short guide aims to explain some basic concepts of prevention in the workplaces. When we organize training courses, we try to create a channel of communication through which we want to share some simple concepts between professionals – whose language is not always easily understandable – and those who wish to learn more about prevention. This glossary also briefly explains the organization of prevention within Italian companies and we therefore believe that it will be particularly useful to migrant workers. 


ISSA-Instruction Storage of Chemicals

Safe storage of chemicals is not only relevant in chemical plants; the products in the following examples are also chemicals:

  • Paint and varnishes of a painter workshop,
  • Cleaning and disinfecting agents of a cleaning company,
  • Oils, solvents and thinners in a repair shop,
  • Building foams, cement residue remover of a construction company,
  • Gas bottles with acetylene, oxygen, liquefied gases of a locksmith.

As indicated in various legal and technical standards, the instruction of workers for safety topics is crucial.


Hotel, restaurant and catering trade - competent, safe and cost-efficient

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Don' t let sway you by electromagnetic fields

The poster gives advice to enterprises for dealing with persons who wear implants and who are exposed to electromagnetic fields. This poster is well suited to be displayed in any kind of enterprise.