The appropriate use of my work equipment

The prevention tool was produced within the framework of the second regional « health at work » plan of the Region Alsace by the working group « Safeguarding physical health ». This leaflet is directed at the users of working equipments. It approaches a well known set of problems.

Its originality lies in the fact that it is part of the dynamics of the enterprise or training institute and of their day-to-day concerns.


Work equipment used for commercial purposes : machine, device, tool, vehicle, material and installation.


Insufficient conformity to specifications, maintenance deficiency, inadequate organisational measures often lead to work-related accidents and illnesses.

Work carried out with or close to work equipments can cause painful work conditions, corresponding to several harshness factors.

Targets and objectives : employers and managers of training institutes

The use of work equipments concerns all sectors of activity.

This prevention tool is intended to be distributed widely. It targets the employers, the managers of training institutes as well as the users of work equipments.

This booklet is not intended for the manufacturers, hirers and resellers of work equipment. Nevertheless they can advise their customers to follow the proposed methodology.


The Carsat Alsace-Moselle has built up a training course* based on these considerations.

Objective :

  • to buy a piece of equipment, to maintain it in good working order, to adapt it, to make it conform to the regulations,
  • to use it and to have it used in accordance with applicable regulations.



Le bon usage de mon équipement de travail (french version)

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