The five Safety Heroes!

In order to be able to work safely on electrical installations, they have to be completely disconnected for the duration of the repair or installation work. Especially during longer work assignments, however, there is an increased risk that other employees will reconnect an installation because they do not know that a colleague is working on it.

For this reason, Five Safety Rules have been developed to provide ongoing protection from the beginning to the end of the work.

A new entertaining video “The Five Safety Heroes” is to draw more attention to this working method and the sequence of the Five Safety Rules. The video is based on well-known comic superheroes. The Five Safety Rules help establish and maintain the de-energised state for the duration of work on electrical installations.

The five safety heroes: Lady Safety, Lock & Tag, Dr. Voltmeter, Earth and Cape explain in English and Spanish the working method and the correct sequence of steps to follow. And the electrically skilled person Lukas demonstrates how the Five Safety Rules work by giving examples.

The video is intended to minimise the risks and hazards of an electrical accident when working in a de-energised state.


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