Safety Wrench - the safety key for locknuts in the food industry - awarded with the „BGN Prevention Prize 2018“

The Lübzer Brewery has been dealing with an occupational safety problem well known in the food industry: When working with jointed hook wrenches, such a wrench can slip off or tilt under the application of force and cause serious injuries.


Safety award „Goldene Securitas”

Austria's economy is essentially based on the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises. For such companies, it is often an immense challenge to pay attention to the safety and security of their employees as well as their economic success. In order to facilitate their fulfillment of their obligations with regard to prevention, AUVA offers – among other things –  free safety and occupational medical care provided by its AUVAsicher programme. Those companies that have gone beyond the mere fulfillment of their legal obligation, have been rewarded with the "Golden Securitas Award" since 2005 to present date by the AUVA in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO).


Put the T-Rex into the tank

Cleaning tank installations is a difficult subject in occupational safety. Up to now employees are exposed for example to high strain by hydrocarbon vapors and benzol causing cancer. Therefore respiratory protection is necessary. At the same time the hazards caused by working in narrow rooms have to be detected and prevented and in particular safety measures have to be taken in the gas-ex-zone 0. As in this area occurs a dangerous, explosive atmosphere as mixture of air and flammable gases, vapors and fogs. 


Appreciation in practice

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