Explosion protection with exciting expierences

Explosions can be impressive - but they can have devastating consequences. How can we prevent them with suitable, simple protective measures? A new video series shows in an impressive and instructive way that it is important to understand interrelationships.


The International Media Festival for Prevention 2023

Since 1990, the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP) has taken place every three years in the framework of the World Congress for Safety and Health at Work. The Media Festival offers an overview of films and multimedia productions about safety and health at work from all over the world and provides an opportunity for participants to present their media products to a major group of influential international safety and health professionals.


Publication series of BG RCI "kurz & bündig"

In the publication series of BG RCI “kurz & bündig” (short and succinct) themes of occupational safety and health are prepared in an easy and comprehensive way and explained clearly. Target group are in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the contents easy to understand suites, however, also for all other actors working in occupational safety who want to get a quick overview over important themes of occupational safety. Appropriate contents are, in addition, edited as checklists.


Media library for occupational safety and health and health promotion

In order to actually reach workers when instructing them on occupational safety and health, it is important that the presentation meets high standards as far as content, didactic concepts and visual impression are concerned. 

You can already find films on occupational safety and health on different sites in the Internet. For the new Internet-based media library, we have sighted and linked the films and OSH-clips freely available in the Internet at present, in agreement with the BAuA, the DGUV and the SUVA.

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