Operational measures

New offers for occupational health management from “Health Promotion Switzerland” with tools and information suitable for everyday use.

The Leadership Kit and the HR Toolbox provide quick and easy support for managers and human resources officers in their everyday work. The offers were developed especially for small and medium-sized companies for independent use.


Toolbox Talk

A Toolbox Talk is an informal safety meeting, or group discussion, that focuses on a particular safety protocol, topic, or workplace hazard. Toolbox Talk discussion guides can be used with your teams to support health and safety conversations at your worksite.


Corona Prevention Monitor

The Corona Prevention Monitor offers a selection of news and analysis from media and other sources around the world with regards to prevention and social security. This platform was initiated by the ISSA member Austrian Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA) together with the ISSA’s Special Commission on Prevention and its 14 international Prevention Sections. External sites will open in a new window. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the ISSA is not responsible for the content of external sites.


WSPS Small Business Centre

The WSPS Small Business Centre offers health and safety roadmaps based on company size. The site is intuitive, easy to use, and focuses on core compliance requirements for Ontario Occupation Health & Safety legislation. Click on the Roadmap size that reflects your business, and the website populates itself with resources specific to your needs.


Learning modules of the BG ETEM

“InterACTIVELY SAFE AND HEALTHY AT THE WORKPLACE“ – just like currently around 40 learning modules on different issues concerning occupational safety and health. In a descriptive and varied manner, the learning modules interactively convey knowledge on occupational safety and health to the user. The spectrum ranges from general issues, such as “skin protection”, “office work” or “lifting and carrying”, to specific hazards that can arise when working with electric current or hazardous substances. Within 15 to 20 minutes, each learning module conveys the relevant information on the issue. In addition, there’s a knowledge quiz with at least 10 questions - as a self-test for the trainee. However, the learning modules don’t replace the personal instruction. 


Operating instructions for enterprises in the pyrotechnic sector

The pyrotechnic sector – including manufacturing, storage and selling of fireworks – is particularly risky and affected by frequent accidents and injuries (usually fatal). Inail, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, has drawn up the following booklet, whose aim is helping pyrotechnical enterprises – mostly small-sized and artisan ones – to manage occupational safety and health (OSH).


Hotel, restaurant and catering trade - competent, safe and cost-efficient

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Healthy and fit in a small company

How brainstorming meetings can help

By means of this tool, SME are e.g. enabled to optimise their workflow, to increase product quality, to improve internal organisation or to avoid stress and thus to initiate a continuous improvement process in cooperation with their staff in so-called "brainstorming meetings".