First aid at work during the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic has made necessary to change also first aid activities in the workplaces, that now must always be organised in accordance with the necessary safety measures for Covid -19.

We prepared this short illustrated document to explain how at workplace first aid attendants can be properly protected and at the same time how to ensure the continuation of a reliable first aid assistance for workers, guests, clients, visitors.


Smoking, alcohol and drugs – COVID-19 Prevention and Information

The available scientific data clearly indicate that alcohol abuse, smoking and drugs can make worse the consequences of corona virus infection. With this short booklet we aim to increase in the workplace managers’ and workers ‘awareness about the need to control or eliminate these risk factors, now that the corona virus pandemic threatens so seriously everyone’s health.

We added an abridged English version to the Italian text.


Ventilation against Corona: BGN guidelines

With the recent Corona outbreaks, the transmission of the viruses through the air in the form of aerosols has become a particular focus of discussion.

It can be assumed that, in addition to the consistent adherence to the known measures such as keeping distance and wearing a mouth and nose covering, the risk of transmission is significantly minimised by adequate ventilation.


A Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response

As the Ontario, Canada, government starts to lift the COVID-19 emergency measures ban, are you wondering how to restart your operations safely and effectively?

Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers upon reopening.


Coronavirus short card for small businesses

The short card explains the right behaviours and the right procedures to avoid as much as possible the spread of Coronavirus in small commercial activities and is meant both for employers and employees. The main aspects of the prevention of contagion are presented; the text is very concise, because the message is mainly based on the illustrations.


Supplementation of risk assessment in terms of the SARS-CoV2 occupational safety standard

To support its member companies in coping with the Corona pandemic, the BGN (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the foodstuffs and catering industry) has developed guidelines for various sectors.


Corona Prevention Monitor

The Corona Prevention Monitor offers a selection of news and analysis from media and other sources around the world with regards to prevention and social security. This platform was initiated by the ISSA member Austrian Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA) together with the ISSA’s Special Commission on Prevention and its 14 international Prevention Sections. External sites will open in a new window. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the ISSA is not responsible for the content of external sites.


ISSA-Instruction “Handling hazardous substances: occupational hygiene measures”

This safety instruction points out some important aspects for the safe handling of hazardous substances which may endanger health. In particular, the lessons describe basic occupational hygiene measures and complement the safety instructions on the topic of “Handling hazardous substances". The training tool is intended to assist managers for the personal instruction of employees and to start an open discussion on the topic of occupational safety. The safety briefing set enables superiors to share their knowledge about safe working to their subordinates and colleagues, especially with vulnerable groups.