Fire protection

Operating instructions for enterprises in the pyrotechnic sector

The pyrotechnic sector – including manufacturing, storage and selling of fireworks – is particularly risky and affected by frequent accidents and injuries (usually fatal). Inail, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, has drawn up the following booklet, whose aim is helping pyrotechnical enterprises – mostly small-sized and artisan ones – to manage occupational safety and health (OSH).


ISSA-Instruction "Safety Signs"

The European Directive 92/58/EWG states minimum requirements for safety and health protection markings at the work place, and depicts various categories of markings. Employees must be instructed on the significance of these safety and health protection markings before the start of their employment, also in regular intervals hereafter. 


ISSA-Instruction „Use of Extinguisher“

An extinguisher is a powerful tool for fighting small fires. But for a correct use, at least some basic information is required. This short safety instruction can be used to highlight specific aspects of handling extinguishers. The safety briefing set enables superiors to share their knowledge to their subordinates and colleagues.