Machine safety

Machine sheet: angle grinder

In Austria, the employee protection law provides the occupational health and safety care for all employees regardless of the size of the company. For workplaces with up to 50 employees, the Austrian Workers´ Compensation Board (AUVA) offers the preventive service called "AUVAsicher" free of charge. In 2017, more than 280 preventative specialists (occupational physicians and safety specialists) travelled throughout Austria to work with companies to develop measures to improve safety and health.


A safe sawmill

This informative brochure addresses to workers employed in sawmills (early woodworking facilities). It describes how to perform the activity in a safe way.


ISSA-Instruction Working at machines

Working at machines may be dangerous for safety and health. Therefore, at least some basic information about dangerous points are required. This short safety instruction can be used to highlight specific aspects of handling machines at the workplace, in particular for small and medium sized enterprises. 


The appropriate use of my work equipment

The prevention tool was produced within the framework of the second regional « health at work » plan of the Region Alsace by the working group « Safeguarding physical health ». This leaflet is directed at the users of working equipments. It approaches a well known set of problems.


Safety Flyer

The present safety flyers are addressed to enterprises (users, press installers, employers) as well as to safety experts and safety & health authorities.

The safety flyers give short information about the requirements set in regulation but also about new technologies (servo presses, hybrid presses).


Defeating of safeguards on machines can cause serious accidents, high costs and restrict the availabiltity of machines. Taking a look inside the enterprises shows: one-third of safeguards are defeated (from "Report of defeating of protective devices of machinery" -only available in german-). This results in thousands of accidents every year – some of them fatal. The aim must be to prevent these accidents.


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