Physical agents

Formidable Formaldehyde

A HUMAN CARCINOGEN: Formaldehyde — a colourless, highly toxic and flammable gas at room temperature — is a toxic substance widely used in many industries. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in Washington, D.C, formaldehyde is used in glues and resins, dyes, textiles, disinfectants, building materials, automobile parts, embalming and laboratories.


Exposure to vibrations transmitted to the hand-arm system

The emission of vibrations from some equipment (e.g. drills, jackhammers, grinders) may cause disorders to the hand-arm system. 


Ultraviolet solar radiation: a risk for outdoor workers

Ultraviolet solar radiations represents an occupational risk for all people working outdoor  (bricklayers, farmers, fishermen, lifeguards and so on). This flyer contains basic information and simple hints to protect the skin from an extended exposure to sunlight.


Don' t let sway you by electromagnetic fields

The poster gives advice to enterprises for dealing with persons who wear implants and who are exposed to electromagnetic fields. This poster is well suited to be displayed in any kind of enterprise.


Electomagnetic fields and implants

Generation, distribution and use of electrical energy and wireless communication equipment give rise to electromagnetic fields - in private as well as in professional life. A poster and a flyer inform in a clear and brief way on hazards and preventive measures in connection with implants.

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