Skin protection

Dermal absorption of chemicals

The factsheet regards exposure to chemicals by dermal absorption.  

Chemicals, even if not irritating and corrosive, may be absorbed in significant amounts through large contact areas of non-damaged skin: their systemic toxic effects cannot be prevented only by environmental monitoring; besides, damaged skin requires more precautions. 


Ultraviolet solar radiation: a risk for outdoor workers

Ultraviolet solar radiations represents an occupational risk for all people working outdoor  (bricklayers, farmers, fishermen, lifeguards and so on). This flyer contains basic information and simple hints to protect the skin from an extended exposure to sunlight.


Enjoy the sun safely! How to prevent excessive exposure to sunlight at workplace

Sunlight  has positive effects on human health; it plays a very important role  for the synthesis of the vitamin D; it has also an environmental  antibacterial action, so that it can prevent infections; besides it  promotes positive effects from the psychological point of view, acting  as an effective antidepressant. Last but not least, a beautiful tan  often helps us to have a more pleasant aspect and help us keep fit.