Traffic safety

Arrive safely! - Road safety in the context of work and education

Safe mobility concerns almost everyone: as soon as we leave the house, we automatically participate in traffic. Accidents on the road endanger human lives like no other source in the world of work. In recent years, more than 9,000 workers have been injured each year in traffic accidents while travelling to and from work. The injuries are often severe. More than one third of all fatal occupational accidents in 2019 were traffic accidents.


AUVA app: Safety signs

The new generations of smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used for a wide variety of purposes. The Austrian Worker´s Compensation Board (AUVA) wants this trend to continue and has begun developing a number of different apps following extensive preparatory work.


German Road Safety

Mobility is a requirement to participate in social life. With the help of mobility people can meet their individual needs and participate actively in their environment. But still mobility holds risks and dangers. Every day, people are involved in traffic accidents. We have to record fatalities and serious injuries every day.


Campaign „Glance over the shoulder“: be mobile consciously and safely

What’s about my driving ability? Do I drive as safe as in the past? These questions arise if we become older. Perfect persons to discuss this subject are family doctors. They know the previous history of their patients and are important persons of trust. But only 19% of car driving persons over an age of 65 have discussed the topic of driving ability with their doctor. 


Distraction in the road traffic

Distraction is a growing hazard in the road traffic which is often underestimated.

An active participation in the road traffic – as car driver, cyclist or pedestrian – requires at any time the full concentration to the traffic events. A short inattention can under certain circumstances not only lead to dangerous situations in the road traffic or risky driving manoeuvres but also to grave accidents.