Trauma and violence

WSPS Small Business Centre: “Violence and Harassment”

The threat of workplace violence or harassment poisons the work environment. It sabotages productivity and undermines a company's culture. It hurts a business financially because of the costs of violence-related injuries, government fines, disrupted work and decreased productivity. It affects the employer's relationship with its employees and it can damage the company’s reputation with clients as well as its employee retention and recruitment efforts.


Be prepared well for the emergency!

Traumatic incidents – these are disturbing exceptions from the normal events in daily life. They happen seldom but they are very stressful and may have grave consequences. We do not like to think that grave accidents, acts of violence, fear and horror can break in our life and even in our company processes. To be prepared in the case of emergency important hints have been put together in the brochure “Gut vorbereitet für den Ernstfall!” (Be prepared well for the emergency). This brochure shall help to minimize the consequences of traumatic experiences.