Youth want to push limits - but not beyond safety

Pedagogic multi media concept for vocational schools and industrial training 

"Everyday heroes": The film accompanying the campaign 2010/2011 titled "Risk awareness in everyday working life - your fine-tuning instrument" 

Methods applied

Annual safety competition covering various occupational safety and health topics (noise protection, skin protection, handling of addictive drugs, health and work organisation, risk awareness, hazard evaluation etc.)

  • Tuition proposals for vocational school teachers with varied media support in connection with a competition for students and for schools.
  • Instruction proposals for industrial trainers with varied media support for trainees.

The proposals are based on the method of situated learning. Problem-oriented film sequences are worked on or solved. Afterwards, the results are transferred to the proper working and living environment of the trainees.


Tools used

  • Tuition concept with elaborated tuition proposals, work sheets, technical information and instructions on an experimental pedagogic realisation of the subject.
  • Information sheets with competition documents for students.
  • DVD with action film, interviews and other documentaries
  • Poster
  • Website
  • Instruction concept with elaborated moderation proposal for industrial trainers

Target group

  • Vocational school teachers
  • Trainers in enterprises
  • Trainees in enterprises and students in vocational schools


About 800.000 young persons in vocational schools are addressed per year. Nearly 50 per cent of them join in the competition. The BGHM (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the woodworking and metalworking industries provides all training companies with the instruction media.

Framework conditions/contact address

The 6 regional associations of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) initiate and organize the campaign in the vocational schools. Participation is voluntary and free of charge for schools. Media are posted in autumn, deadline is in the spring of the following year.


The enterprises and publicly-owned companies receive the instruction packages from the German social accident insturance institutions for trade and industry and for the public sector.


Contact address:


Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall /

Landesverband Mitte der Deutschen Gesetzlichen


Wilhelm-Theodor-Römheld-Str. 15

55130 Mainz


Edith Münch,



  • Conception and elaboration with representatives from accident insurance institutions, enterprises, ministries, vocational schools, science and media experts. The topics (safety and health) are edited across sectors, they concern both work and recreation and cover the living experience of young job beginners

In vocational schools:


  • Execution of teacher training courses referring to the safety competition
  • Treatment of the campaign documents in class and execution of the competition in the schools (by teachers)
  • Execution of final events with awards ceremony yielding publicity effects
  • Execution of a country-wide youth congress with members of the Bundestag in Berlin

In enterprises:

Treatment of the campaign documents in the framework of the industrial training (by trainers)


Realisation throughout Germany at selected vocational schools
Sector specific realisation in member companies of individual accident insurance institutions (e.g. BGHM)


For nearly 40 years, the well-known and established safety competition has been carried out in Germany. All media are available for download via the internet and may also be used in general-education schools and in enterprises of all sectors.

Indicators of success

High acceptance and participation level in schools and enterprises (stimulated by competition and elaborated tuition proposals, which may be used without much preparation). Tuition media are adapted to the living experience of young job beginners and raise awareness of the campaign topic