Relaunch of the website

The website offers cross sector information and tools both for manufacturers and users of machinery to prevent the defeating of safeguards. The content of the webpage is developed by the working group “defeating of safeguards” which consists of representatives of German social accident insurance institutions and is chaired by the institute for occupational safety and health. The content is made available in German and English alike.

The website, that has first been published in 2010, has recently been completely revised, and further material has been added. The presentation of information is now aligned with the life cycle of machinery, clarifying which measures to prevent defeating need to be applied by manufacturers or users at which step of the machine’s life.

Further practical help both for manufacturers and users is available in form of downloadable informational sheets and presentations:

  • Cross sector best practice design examples
  • Cross sector examples of accidents caused by defeated safeguards
  • Tuition modules
  • Educational films