Safety for operators of plants for depuration of civil wastewater

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This booklet is addressed to the operators of plants for:

  • depuration of civil wastewater, or sewage;
  • treatment of the sludge remaining after depuration processes.

The aim of the publication is to illustrate, after a careful description of the main occupational risks, the appropriate preventive and protective systems.
In addition, you can find some summarizing “sheets”, about the following risks:

  • exposure to biological agents;
  • exposure to chemical agents;
  • electricity;
  • exposure to noise;
  • microclimate and physical strain;
  • accidents due to machines and workplaces;
  • fire and explosion.

At the end, 3 Appendices contain:

  • legislation about most of the above mentioned risks;
  • hints on medical surveillance;
  • methods for assessing particular risks.



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